Bike clinics

The High Adventure club had two bike clinics, one on April 20th and one on April 27th. They were both from nine to noon and took place in the parking lot next to the Brunswick rail station. The first session was on the essentials of bike equipment and maintenance. The club learned what they should pack on a trip as well as what they should not. Our instructor, Alyssa,  also demonstrated the essential ABC(D) quick check. After the clinic, the club went for a bike ride down the C&O canal.

bike clinic1

The following weekend the club meet again and had a session on Riding fundamentals. We learned about riding on the road with cars, things like signaling, and lane positions. After the talk, we had an additional hands-on lesson where we practiced scanning behind us as we rode and signaling with one hand, as well as the best way to stop quickly After the lessons, the club went for another bike ride along the canal.

bike clinic2


C&O Canal Clean Up

The 4-H High Adventure club went out to Brunswick on Saturday, April 6, to clean-up the C&O canal. Our newly formed club teamed up with the Frederick County Packgoat Project to get the job done. We picked up cans, dug up tires, and collected all sort of trash.

The group met up in the parking lot and then headed out on to the trail for an early start.









 We collected over 30 bags or trash and recycling as well as over 20 tires. Three hours after our start, here’s the group with some of our haul.


C&O Bike Trip Anyone?


With the decision of the UME office to limit our travel this year to in-state, the options available for a multi-day high adventure have change pretty significantly.     We are now working towards a multi-day biking adventure along the C&O Canal Towpath.     This 184.5 mile path travels through time as it follows the Potomac River and reveals the full history of the C&O canal.    From it’s starting point in Georgetown to the far terminus in Cumberland, MD, the path is very well maintained and offers many convenient camping spots along with water and port-johns.        It takes regular training and determination to work up to the daily mileage, but the reward is well worth the effort!


More details to come, but don’t miss our March 15th Information Meeting at the UME office on Montevue Lane, from 6pm to 8pm.

Let’s Go Canoeing!


The 2013 High Adventure activity will be a multi-day canoe-camping adventure in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW).

The BWCAW is over 1,000,000 acres of wilderness within the Superior National Forest in Minnesota.

The planning for this exciting adventure is under way, with a lot more details yet to come.   Keep an eye out on the forums as plans develop.